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TASMAC Management Review has been conceptualized as a serious management journal, which empowers businessmen, managers, management students and researchers to perform better on a global business canvas. It covers a wide range of management subjects and also touches upon various aspects of economy, sociology, psychology and many other disciplines that have a bearing on management and its performance. It aims to introduce the reader to new theories, tools and techniques, books and research papers and many other things.

TASMAC with its unique international education model is in an advantageous position to bring out such a magazine. Continuous interaction with the industry stalwarts and a close association with renowned scholars in prestigious Universities worldwide, allows us to source the latest in management thought in India and the world over. Meaningful dissertation work done by students is a distinguishing feature of the management programme at TASMAC. This, together with the insights provided by research scholars here, is a vibrant source for TASMAC Management Review.

‘TASC Force’, a student initiative at TASMAC is, delighted to present the TASMAC Management Review, which is privileged to have contributions from some eminent scholars and senior business executives. The further development of this endeavor depends solely on the feedback and contributions from all of you. We await your comments, ideas, suggestions and contributions to make TASMAC Management Review a true reflection of the ‘sense and essence of management thought’.