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Call it what you will ‘Oxford of the East’, ‘The Detroit of India’, Seat of education’ or ‘Cultural Capital of India’, ‘Poona’ or ‘Pune’, one can’t help but fall in love with this charming city lying nearly 160 kilometers to the south of Mumbai.

One can literally fill out volumes describing the city’s myriadcolours, places, enchanting people, festivals and customs. There is really so much to see and do here!It would be best to compare ‘Pune to a hug canvas where a glorious history of the ruling Peshwas, the toils of intellectual giants, eminent educationists, reformers, entrepreneurs, musicians (the list is exhaustive) have all left their indelible strokes on its psyche.

Today, Pune is a modern metro, vibrant with opportunity. Auto giants manufacturing everything from mopeds to trucks have already made Pune a leading Automobile Centre. Other industries, multinationals, ancillaries and a burgeoning service sector make Pune one of India’s leading commercial and industrial centres. Pune has also kept pace with changing times and retained its position of strength in the New Economy as well. Pune today, is a preferred location of IT professionals due to the unique combination of opportunity and lifestyle.

Whether for commercial enterprise, education or simply because of its agreeable climate, scores of people from practically every walk of life all over India and abroad, have made Pune their home, resulting in an absolutely cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere. Which is why this is the only place where you will encounter glorious paradoxes.

Discotheques and rock music blending perfectly with the traditional Ganesh Festival; the traditional Maharashtrian nine yard sari rubbing shoulders with the damsels of haute couture; old wadas (stone houses) with elaborate mansions; the information superhighway with cheerful little lanes and so on… the list is endless!

The people here, young and old alike, have an indefatigable spirit for living the good life and never seem to stop yearning for action.

Pune is indeed an ideal place for the all round development of an individual, especially students, as the whole atmosphere currently is on an upswing with more and more career opportunities being created practically everyday. And of course you have Festivals, Student Events, Social Gatherings, Cultural Events, Rallies, Corporate Events, Film Premieres… you name it, Pune has it all.

We speak from experience of course…after all we have been in this heaven for a good 13 years and have enjoyed every single moment of this beautiful city!

We welcome you to do the same.