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TASMAC students now have the opportunity to become part of the virtual ‘Global Campus’ of the University of Wales, UK. The ‘Global Campus’ has been launched by the University of Wales, UK to enable effective collaboration internally and externally between University staff, departments, institutions and students, both past and present.

Students studying for a University of Wales, UK qualification at TASMAC have access to a range of online services at Lecturers teaching University of Wales, UK courses worldwide also are able to log on, and access a personalised academic network connecting them with their University of Wales, UK colleagues around the world.

University of Wales, UK students and lecturers receive exclusive access details to their Global Campus accounts via their TASMAC email address. Once logged in, students, staff and alumni can meet, start discussion groups, form common interest groups and study collaboratively. By using a whole host of integrated Google applications, students and staff have access to an online office suite, which enables them to share documents, schedule work and meetings, chat and even hold their own video conferences. The University email address assigned to them remains with them for life, enabling them to stay connected.